Food Processing Plant Setup

We provides professional services for new plant setup for food & beverage processing. Our team exerts to understand your product in detail and provide smart solutions for product development. Right from the development of recipes, building SOPs and we assists business throughout the process. Our in-house laboratories are well-structured and equipped with advanced testing equipment for nutritional value tests and microbiological tests.

At FFCE, we give importance to Technical know-how of the plant. Our strong Technical team guides the client in the right direction when it comes to Food Processing & Process Technology. Flowrate, Temperature, Pressure, Density, Viscosity, ┬░Brix and other Process parameters are given utmost importance while designing a plant for a particular product.


Leverage The Best in Technology

We believes in utilizing technology to the fullest and introducing modernization to maximize productivity and enhance the product quality according to market needs.

We suggest the most appropriate technology, machinery and equipment specific to products for the food, dairy, beverage, dry masale, bakery and frozen food processing industries.

Our existing plant enhancement services aim at optimizing the productivity of the plan and developing quality products. We intend to introduce world-class technology, machinery, equipment and processes to stimulate the manufacturing unit output. Our experience in the field helps us understand issues at a grass root level and provide the most optimum solutions.

With the use of our experience and modern day technology, our team helps enhance productivity and eradicate frequent start-stop operations caused due to inexperienced operators or other process related issues.


Process Improvement

Little modifications can be at times significant. It can not only positively upgrade your manufacturing unit but also make it efficient to productivity. We are expert in the fruits, vegetables, dairy and processing industries. Our experience and knowledge of the process, supply chain, distribution channel, manufacturing etc. can enable one to improve the plant processes and drastically help out in product cost optimisation.

Improvement & technology upgradation are one of the most important factors that help in adapting to the evolving customer's needs in this fast paced world. At FFCE, we help our clients upgrade their Production processes to world class standards with state-of-the-art Technology Improvements.


Legal Licensing and Documentation

Industry-leading standards are mandatory. It adds more credibility to your product and organisation. However, licensing is a hectic process. It demands a lot of documentation and formalities be completed. We assist you to get the necessary licenses for your business. We help you attain essential licenses such as FSSAI.

We handles licensing and documentation compliances, registration, and factory audit as per the regulatory guidelines. All our clients are guided with the process that is required to legally set up a manufacturing plant that complies to food safety and management systems, GMPs, GHPs,GLPs according to FSSC22000 and ISO compliance.


Filling and Packaging Solutions

We offers market research-based packaging solutions. We comprehend the importance of packaging and the role it can play in strengthening the position of a product in the market. We advise the most suitable and customized packaging solutions. Our packaging solutions are bespoke, creative and well-thought.

Today's competition thrives on unique concepts in the packaging industry. Consumer is attracted to new and varied options. It becomes mandatory that every new product that is launched has its own USPs, whether it is in its own constituency or the final packaging. The solutions not only need to be pleasing, but also sensible and add to the convenience of the consumer.

It should also be noted that any Processing Plant stands incomplete without a suitable Filling / Packaging system that is matched up to and above the production speeds. The Packaging sizes and the market demand need to be duly noted while planning.


Third Party Manufacturing Collaborations

We provides comprehensive services to the business and escalates its growth. We assist you to collaborate and associate with third party manufacturing units to outsource manufacturing services. We source the most suitable contract manufacturers for our clients.

Such a solution allows budding Entrepreneurs to test market their products or to slowly start their Production activities to market their brand without actually having to make a big investment at the initial stage.

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