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Frontline Food Consultants and Engineers is a team driven by visionary leaders, consultants & engineers, with a common passion to assist Companies & new Entrepreneurs in Food & Beverages Processing and Nutraceutical products development. Our highly skilled, restorative and experienced team can help you overcome crucial challenges in the industry. Above all, we can be your first point of contact for scaling existing infrastructure and minimizing overall costs for increased profitability.

We have the sole mission of assisting our clients with various services under a roof for better performance and exceeding customer expectations. Our team envisions becoming global leaders in the Food Processing, Product Development Consultation and Capacity Building.

Our specialty includes assisting companies with end-to-end food processing support such as guidance in plant setup, formula development, and releasing enhanced product lines to the market. The state-of-the-art labs and testing facilities at our end helps meet customer needs with the right quality. We also help clients upgrade to better capabilities and enhanced operations to address market demands effortlessly.

We assist in upscaling the processes with technology implementation to expand food processing activities in your unit. We provide the assistance of bespoke packaging solutions to get a competitive edge in the market and more acceptance among consumers. Furthermore, we help our clientele manage licensing and documentation, primarily FSSAI compliance for safer operations and dodging disputes in the long haul.

Understanding the scope of nutraceuticals, we have assisted the entire industry and multiple stakeholders in bringing nutritional products with medicinal values to the table. Our capability includes improving the dairy segment and producing better products having justified nutritional profiles and formulations to address customer requirements. We are also proud to boast that we have a stronghold of the Mithai processing operations, assisting companies in producing better lines and flavorful Mithai. It brings us joy to cater to the world of Purees, Pulps and Concentrates. Our expertise in these products has paved the way for many new entrants become Major Players in their region.

At Frontline Food Consultants and Engineers, we are committed to joining hands with industrial stakeholders, refining food processing and making consumers aware of better products having Premium Nutritional Profiles, Flavors, Texture, Appearance and Mouth-feel.

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Our highly skilled, restorative and experienced team can help you overcome crucial challenges in the industry.

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